Monday, 16 June 2008

Chanvit - National Coach -2005 to 2008

You may rememebr the recent post i did on our National coach Chanvit Phalajivin. Will he, or won't he quit.

Well, once again, he has played his quit card.

His final game should be against Oman on the 22nd of this month.

Who will take his place if he does keep his word? All this fiasco started way back in April, view my post way back then. My thoughts are still to keep it within the Thai family and bring in Chonburi coach Jadet Meelarp, Tobacco manager Gawin Kachendecha or even KTB coach Attaphol Buspakom.

But running the national team, or Thai teams in general are a bit different.

You tend to have a Manager who kind of just sits around and rings the players up to tell them they are in or out and then you have the coach who does the training but more than likely does not pick the team. Time will tell who comes in. But i guess it will go to someone who doesn't know the Thai game at all.

Who's your top choice?


thetony said...

Chanvit GET OUT!!!!!

I'll keep saying this word everyday from now on.

However, I have no idea about new coach.

I love wittaya laohakul,I want to see him as Thai coach again but.....impossible!!!

Kiatisak "ZICO" senamuang is another person that appropriate for this job in my point of view, however, he is too young for being the coach of Thai team.

I believe Zico could be a very good coach for Thai team for the reason that he has lots of experiences about real professional football. Give him few years with Chula-Sinthana before deciding if he is good enough for Thai team?!?

This is the time for new wave!!!

No more person like CHANVIT who always choose wrong players into the squad.

druryfire said...

I agree with that mate, we could probably do with Zico carrying at at Chula and possibly being an assitant with the national team so he can learn the ropes.

I feel that Peter Withe might just come back as the national coach, but only if they can afford his wages, so maybe get us through Asian Cup and ASEAN Championship before passing on the role.

Zico could learn, and with 18 months possibly take over, but its a big role for a young coach.

I would like to see possibly KTB coach Attaphol Buspakom take up the role in the near future.

Thanks for your comment mate, hope you can stay with my blog and pass on any thoughts or anything you wish me to comment on.

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