Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Domestic League Snippets


Following transfers have been made in the last week.

Nigerian Ajayi Gdenga Samuel left Cambodian League side Phom Penh Empire for Krung Thai Bank for $8,000 dollars, thanks to www.jakartacasual.blogspot.com for this info.

Bangkok Uni striker Kraison Panjaroen has joined Chonburi.

Stadium Changes

Chonburi & Coke-Bangpra have been kicked out of the Chonburi Municipality Stadium. Chonburi have moved back to the Princess Srintorn Stadium for the rest of the season and Coke-Bangpra have moved back to The Coke Stadium for the reminder. Thanks to sriracha from the forum www.bigsoccer.com for this snippet


thetony said...

There are 8 new players, who have joined Nakonpathom FC.

However, 3 players of Nakonpathom FC left the club for Muangthong United FC in Thailand Division 1.

druryfire said...

That's a big change around, but Nakon Pathom were starting to go in the wrong direction, so i guess it was needed.