Saturday, 21 June 2008

Oman V Thailand - WCQ Final Game

Tomorrows game:

Oman V Thailand
Venue: Royal Oman Police Stadium
Kick off- 3pm GMT, 9pm Thai

Chanvit's last game, a couple of quotes. "It is the coach's responsibility if the team fails to deliver," said Chanvit.

"We must take a good look to the future because if want to become successful we must have a strong league and good management," he added.

Hopefully this strong league will come true.

Tomorrows game will see us without two key players in Suree Sukha and Datsakorn Thonglao, so just aswell the game is not vital.

I'd like to see tomorrows squad along the lines of this:

--------------------Sivarak Tedsungnoen-----------------

Jetsada Jitsawad--Niweat Siriwong--Natthaphong Samana--Nataporn Phanrit

Suchao Nutnum------Tawan Sripan-------Narongchai Vachiraban

Teerasil Dangda-----Sarayoot Chaikamdee----Teeratep Winothai

I think an attacking formation, something that could be used against our ASEAN neighbours later in the year.

Generally, 2 old geezers (Siriwong & Sripan) and then a lot of young lads to gain a bit more experience.

It would be good to see Chanvit leave us with one hell of a performance which guys who are young will not be afriad to give, but could also back fire.

Of course Oman also don't have anything to play for, so i'm predicting the locals will not turn up to the game, so not a fierce crowd to play in front of, but they have a stand in coach who will be looking for a victory to maybe secure his place at the helm for longer.

So a pointless game for qualification, but plenty on for both nations to take seriously.


thetony said...

I believe that Oman and Thailand are equal(standard of football).

Therefore, this is the best time for us to get first three points in 3rd round of WCQ, even though, we have to play this match in Oman.

Unfortunately, we mignt not see Teeratep today due to his suspension.

My predictation : Oman 1 - 1 Thailand

druryfire said...

I thought Winothai had finished suspension today